• vernontrent wrote a new blog post: Happy New Year 2009

    Models: Candace Nirvana & Amber GangiWelcome 2009!I’m looking forward to the new challenges this year may have for me… there are some things I want to change and some new “terrains” that I want to explore.In this year I want also to try new techniques and improve my experience with digital…

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  • vernontrent wrote a new blog post: A Good Slip Into 2009

    Model: KiaraThe year 2008 has almost come to a close.It has been a busy year with lots of changes, challenges, good and less good things.I just want to say “Thank You” for the support given, for your thoughts and feedback and for your visits at my public shows and my websites. I wish you a…

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  • vernontrent wrote a new blog post: Just Like The Ones That You Once Knew

    Model: Amber Gangiday is the thief that you don’t have the courage to track down,who forces himself into all of the rooms of your home,he comes to your garden,your secrets- he’s quiet.he steals all the answersand leaves all the questions alone,and you know there’ll be…

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  • zoewiseman wrote a new blog post: Thunderbird

    These problems we feelLet them go, Let them goFor the wind carves holes in rocks like problems carve holes in heartsLet it blow, Let it blowEyes see what the heart foretold and life without longing today is so coldIf the sea should recede to leave a desert take warmth in the sun for the Thunderbird…

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  • zoewiseman wrote a new blog post: Mirror Mirror

    We see ourselves in each otherWe love things about others we love about ourselvesWe hate things in others that we hate inside ourselvesLove all about who you areAnd you will also love the worldWe love We hateWe are all that we are.

    8 years, 9 months ago

  • vernontrent wrote a new blog post: The Stranger In The Mirror That I See

    the last time I saw jesusI was drinking bloody mary’s in the southin a barroom in new orleansrinsing out the bad taste in my mouththe last highway is onlyas far away as you are from yourselfand no matter just how bad it getsit does no good to blame somebody else…Feat. Model:…

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  • arnie uploaded a new picture: Maria4 8 years, 9 months ago

  • mcaryphotoart wrote a new blog post: Long breaks

    Well another week of twiddling my thumbs and going back over old images looking for something I missed or something to re-edit is coming to an end. I’m sure there are other amateurs who like myself periodically find themselves with extended breaks between shoots due to budget issues. Tell the …

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  • zoewiseman wrote a new blog post: Merry Christmas! Music photos!!

    Merry Christmas!I feel full, seriously full with food and with love. It’s awesome. So is my husband. I wanted to post images of someone I’m most thankful for and images that kind of encompass my life. I’m surrounded by music gear and this crazy musician. So, seems obvious to show…

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  • vernontrent wrote a new blog post: Twelve Shots – A Retrospective Excerpt for 2008

    All the gold which is under or upon the earth is not enough to give in exchange for virtue. (Plato)Like every year, the holiday season is the best time to recapitulate the things and happenings of the almost passed year. Doing that as a photographer, you find out…

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  • Vernon Trent wrote a new blog post: The Bluest Blues – The Story Behind

    Model: Amber Gangi
    … It’s the bluest blues I’m feeling,
    and it’s here to stay
    It’s the bluest blues,
    when you can’t find your way home
    The inspiration for “The bluest blues” series was born on an evening when I was listening to Alvin Lee’s song, The Bluest Blues.
    I love…

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  • zoewiseman wrote a new blog post: Prodding and Poking by a certain someone and I’m here…

    Ida Stands TallPash / FreeLarva / untitledKat / A Leopard Cannot Change It’s SpotsJillian / Forrest’s EyeIts’ almost Christmas and I’m enjoying some well needed rest from work and the outside world. The heater works, the sun is setting and it’s a beautiful…

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  • vernontrent wrote a new blog post: The Comfort of Strangers

    … it’s the comfort of strangers,some of those are like best friends,ones that keep you coming round again…Hello everyone,with the first post here on this blog, I thought that I start with one of my favourite shots I have taken in October 2008.I had the idea of a series processed like…

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  • Keira Grant under rock bluff in Remlap, Alabama

  • Photographer and copyright Charles Bamford

  • The Red Table years before the shoot with Raven.

  • mcaryphotoart wrote a new blog post: Another Year Almost Gone

    Well as we come to the end of 2008 I guess it time for some reflection on the past year. I guess growth and struggle would be the two words that best describe the past twelve months for me as a photographer and artist. Yes definitely I feel my photography [...]

    8 years, 9 months ago

  • jlmiller uploaded a new picture: Jessamyne 8 years, 9 months ago

  • Shot on the edge of the Everglades.

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